A child shall not be separated from his or her parents against their will

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Monday, 12 May, 2014

Convention on the Rights of the Child: Article 9

Vienna (pts014/12.05.2014/10:00) - Information by Sissi Kammerlander, spokesperson of the organization VICTIMS MISSION, child rights advocate:

"The VICTIMS MISSION is a non-profit organization whose utmost priority is the protection of children. In this capacity, we receive many pleas for help from persons in despair who in their desperation have found no other place to go for assistance. As our means are quite limited, however, we pass on these requests, along with the information we were provided, to other competent entities and organizations in order to find justice for the victims and achieve solutions that have the children's best interest at heart. This means for the cases reported below and for thousands of other children in institutions that they must be allowed to return to their loving parent(s)."
David d'Bonnabel, chairman of VICTIMS MISSION

Approximately 12,000 children are in foster care in Austria. Children are removed forcibly from their parents in a process that reminds one of the horrors of the inquisition or the GESTAPO: Children are picked up from their schools, their families and other locations by the police and/or social workers as soon as the Youth Welfare Services opine that "danger is present". Such assertions - including the forcible removal of children - frequently are "justified" by accusations of neglect, parents' inability to feed their children, so-called symbiotic relationships between parents and child, suspicions of sexual and/or psychological abuse or a parents´ supposed proneness to suicide. Frequently, siblings are living in different foster homes. According to several reports, social workers from the Youth Welfare Services pressured young mothers to give up their newborns. A series of reports will be published in order to inform the public about child abductions by authorities.

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